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These Ayurvedic tips will give relief in back and back pain

These Ayurvedic tips will give relief in back and back pain

Back pain medicine: Often people think that the cause of back pain is increasing age, but not necessarily so. Many times, back pain can be caused due to wrong way of getting up, sitting, injury, eating disturbances, pregnancy or more. Back pain is felt in the back muscles, pain in the muscles and sharp pain. Sometimes this pain also reaches from the buttocks to the legs.Back pain

There are many reasons for back pain, such as surgical delivery, incorrect sleeping or getting up. Women also usually get back pain from wearing high heel sandals. Although there is a cure for back and back pain through allopathy, but in Ayurvedic medicine, permanent treatment of both these types of pain is available. Learn, what is the Ayurvedic treatment of back and back pain ..

What causes back pain

1)Incorrectly raising an object.

2) Lifting heavier items than capacity.
Sitting, walking, lying or standing in the wrong posture.

3) Sitting in a chair all day.

4) Do not sleep on the right mattress.
Excessive exercise.

5) Do not exercise at all.

6) Sleep apnea.

7) Medical condition like fever or infection affecting the spine.

8) Arthritis problems.

9) Effect of increasing age.

10) Due to pregnancy or c-section.
Hard and heavy physical workout or exercise.

11) Injuries in the groin, back, or spine.
Working continuously for hours sitting or standing.

12) Weakness of body.

13) Do not sleep correctly or in the correct posture.

14) To smoke

15) Not eating the right foods or eating too much junk food.

16) Not following the right lifestyle.
Sitting in front of TV or computer for a long time.

17( Using thick pillows at bedtime.

18) Driving two or four wheelers or traveling for hours.

19)Sometimes due to chronic injury or internal injury.

20) Due to weak bone.

21) Due to the side effects of medicines.

22) Because of any serious illness.

23)Due to genetic problem.

24) Extreme weight gain or obesity.

25) By lifting heavy bags.

Massage will give relief

Massage should be done with light hands to eliminate back pain. By this, the vertebrae ie the joint of the spine sit in the right place and relieve pain. To avoid back pain, it is important to never bend and lift weights. Whenever sitting on a chair or by hitting a quartet, do not sit forward. If you want to sit for hours, keep moving.

Why yoga exercise is important back pain relief

You all must know that back pain is a bone pain, ie it is a sign of osteoporosis. And bone weakness can be eliminated in two ways. 1 yoga exercise 2. Home remedies Both of these methods can eliminate every physical disease forever. Yoga has an important role in it, because it stretches the bone and makes it strong.

Use ginger in three ways –

First Way –

First prepare ginger paste, then apply its paste on the affected areas.
Let it dry. After drying, wash it and apply eucalyptus oil.
Second Way –

Cut 4 to 6 fresh ginger into thin pieces and then put them in a cup.
Keep it to warm for 10 to 15 minutes.
After that keep the mixture to cool down.
After cooling down, sieve it and then add honey and drink it.
You must drink ginger tea two to three times throughout the day or until your condition is cured.
Third way

Apart from this, you can also make herbal tea.
First, mix one or half teaspoon black pepper, one or half teaspoon cloves and one teaspoon ginger powder together.
Then let them boil for some time.
Drink this mixture after boiling.

Garlic is beneficial for Back pain relief

Garlic like ginger also acts like a panacea to relieve pain. Those who often complain of backache, they should chew garlic on an empty stomach every day, two or three buds. On the other hand, if you have severe pain in any part of the body, then apply garlic oil and massage the area. This will give you a lot of rest. If you want, cook garlic and cloves in coconut oil. Use it when it is mildly lukewarm. This oil is also considered very beneficial for back pain.

Do Sikaai:

To remove back pain relief, first of all, take warm water and add some salt to it. Now soak a towel in this water. After this, lie down on the stom

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