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Top 5 Keto diet side effects

Top 5 Keto diet side effects . Everyone wants to look good in this era. Nowadays people do a lot to stay fit and look good like exercise, yoga, diet and don’t know what. Now one more name has been added to them and that is Keto Diet.

What is Keto Diet

Keto diet is the full name of Ketogenic Diet, which is also known by the names of low carb diet or fat diet. In this diet, the intake of carbohydrate foods is minimized and the diet of fat and law carbs is eaten more.

When we eat more carbohydrate-rich things, it causes more production of glucose and insulin in the body, due to which the fat starts increasing in our body. Therefore, the consumption of carbohydrates containing foods in the keto diet is prohibited.

Instead, more fat-rich things like butter, coconut oil, etc. are eaten more. Ketone diet is produced by ketone in human liver and fat rich foods are consumed in this diet so that the body gets energy. This whole process is known as Ketosis.

(Side Effects of Keto Diet)

keto diet side effect This diet is considered very beneficial to lose weight quickly, but it should be used very carefully and carefully. It is often seen that due to keto diet, there are problems of spasm in the feet of the people, however it is due to lack of magnesium in the body and by adding enough salt and fluids to overcome this problem. She goes. There may also be a complaint of constipation.

Keto diet is undoubtedly very beneficial in spite of diet, you never have to face a starving situation. Do not follow Keto Diet without the advice of a specialist or doctor.

Panic or abnormal heartbeat –

When you adopt a keto diet, your heartbeat first becomes increasingly neglectful and can also cause trouble breathing. This is a normal thing so don’t worry. To make it normal, drink more and more salt and eat salt. This is usually enough to get rid of this problem. Apart from this, you can also take potassium supplement once a day.

keto diet side effect for Kidney effect

Many people may have kidney failure during a keto diet. People eat a lot of meat in it. If you drink less water then there is a danger of increasing uric acid. It can also cause kidney stone.

Muscle loss

According to some research, Keto diet can also reduce muscle from the body. According to some research, even after good training, the body muscles in some people who take Keto diet are reduced. This is because protein alone is less effective in making muscle, while carbohydrate and protein together are more effective in making muscle.

Vitamin deficiency

When you have removed fresh fruits and vegetables from the diet, it is natural for your body to lack the necessary vitamins and minerals. Keto only focuses on carb, protein and fat. In such a situation there is a lack of vitamin in the body. If you wish, you can take vitamin supplements to avoid vitamin deficiency.

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