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The morning Banana diet

The morning Banana diet people do not know which diet they are adopting in the cycle of losing weight. But if you eat hot water (not boiling, just lukewarm water) after eating banana, then it also helps in losing a lot of weight.

Maintain A Diet Journal

The morning Banana diet You need to keep up a diet journal once on this diet. That’s as a result of several of the dieters WHO followed this diet documented their daily food intake and progress and uploaded on the net that gave additional support to others following an equivalent. In fact, the diet was principally developed on the net.

Well, these area unit the most rules for the morning banana diet. If you’ll be able to follow of these rules then, you’ll be able to for sure expect quick and distinguished results.


Bananas area unit nice energy-giving snacks that have a rightful place in any healthy weight loss arrange.

however to credit a whole diet conceive to just intake bananas for breakfast, then paying very little to no attention to what you consume for the remainder of the day looks a shade loose for healthy and permanent weight loss.

Therefore, we propose that although you would like to eat bananas for aiding digestion and promoting fat burn, you must still keep on with intake right throughout the day and continued a sustained exercise programme to essentially
achieve the load loss results you are once.

Exercising isn’t necessary

The aim of this arrange is to induce things through with least stress on you. thus if you are doing not want travail it’s fine.

However, if you would like to travel for a walk or a run or for a standard exercise session, it is fine.

No fasting, no toil, no deprivations, this is often the proper diet arrange you wish for weight loss!

Drink solely water

The only food allowed at the most meals is water, ideally mineral or filtered.
The water should be at temperature, not chilled or hot.

The water ought to be drunk in tiny sips and not accustomed wash down food.
There is no quota of water to drink, and you must not drink it in excess.

Outside of meals non-caloric beverages like tea, coffee, and diet soda area unit typically allowed however somewhat frowned upon, and normally water is inspired the maximum amount as possible; frequent consumption of milk merchandise is discouraged.

On social occasions you will drink brewage or wine.

The Promise

Get ready to travel bananas! however that is not all you will eat this arrange.

The Morning Banana Diet, conjointly called Asa-Banana Diet, comes from a husband and woman in Japan: Sumiko Watanabe could be a health care provider and medicine skilled.

Her husband, Hamachi, has studied ancient Chinese medication and direction at the Japan Body Care Academy.

The diet encourages you to eat fruit, become attentive to your hunger and fullness levels, and eat dinner by 8 p.m. There aren’t strict meal plans or calorie counts.

For lunch and dinner, you’ll eat what you usually have, however stop once you’re 80th full, and you’ll skip afters once dinner.

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