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How to loss weight with potato

How to loss weight with potato

You have often heard people say that if you are trying to lose weight, then you should stay away from carbohydrates or consume them in very small amounts. Most people make the first distance from potato while losing weight. But today we are telling you about a special potato diet in which you have to eat only potatoes for 5 days and then see how your weight will decreaseā€¦Potato weight loss

How to loss weight with potato

Many types of nutrients are found in potato, there is also a lot of potassium in it which is used to control blood pressure.

Potato comes top in the list of fulfilling foods. That is, after eating it you feel full and you eat less of the rest. Keep in mind that here it has been talked about boiled potatoes, French fries or chips are made from potatoes but they are the biggest enemy of those who want weight loss.

A new study says that potato works effectively in weight loss because it contains a lot of starch in which complex carbohydrates are high while calories are low. It helps in increasing metabolism as well as controlling weight.

Loses weight, not health

A medium size potato has 168 calories whereas boiled potatoes contain only 100 calories. Scientists say that potato is a food that reduces weight but not health. Even if you eat 10 in a day, you will still eat less calories than other foods and will also be healthy.Potato weight loss

Potato peels are also beneficial

Potato peels are mostly discarded, while eating potatoes with peels gives more strength. Do not throw away the water in which the potatoes have been boiled, but instead make potatoes stock. There is a lot of mineral and vitamin in this water.

The elements of iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and zinc present in it help in body building, bone formation and its strength. Both phosphorus and calcium present in it are necessary for bone structure. Vitamin C and collagen present in it relieve skin problems.

If you consume only potatoes continuously for five days, then it can reduce the weight up to five kilos. The fiber present in potato keeps the stomach full for a long time, due to which you feel less hungry. Avoid the habit of overeating.

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