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Mobile is harmful for your child

Mobile is harmful for your child

The statistics of the use of phones of young children are shocking. Only one and a half year old child is lost in mobile for 5 hours. Parents are proud of the child’s phone knowledge. But giving the phone to the child to cry or make some kind of stubbornness is the first step to make him a slave to this new addiction.

Old question arose again

Mobile is harmful for your child. After this incident, once again the question has arisen as to what age mobile phone should be given to children. Psychiatrists also say that children should be kept away from smartphones as much as possible. Actually, it happens that first parents give pampered children a smartphone or tablet or iPad etc. and then later suffer its consequences. Let’s know what are the disadvantages of smartphone and if children are addicted to smartphone then how to get rid of it-

Harm from smartphone or tablet

The biggest disadvantage is that children become completely dependent on smartphones. Even if the child is using the smartphone for his studies, there is also a loss. To find the answer, he must read the text of the book or turn the pages of the dictionary to find the meaning of the word, it gets done quickly on Google, so children have reduced reading books.

  • Loss of memory is also reached. Earlier, people used to remember each other’s phone numbers very easily, if they wanted to do any harm, they used to do it on the fingers quickly. Not only this, people’s birthdays or anniversaries etc. were also easily remembered, but now everything is done by smartphones and children do not need to make up their minds.
    Loss of not getting enough sleep. It is necessary for the children to get enough sleep, but if they become addicted to the smartphone, then the children keep hiding from the parents, playing games on the smartphone at night, or watching a movie etc., which reduces their sleep time as well as continuously Sticking to a smartphone also damages the eyes.
  • Changes in nature. Most children who are addicted to smartphones, if you compare them with those who are away from the smartphone, then you will find that the children using the smartphone are just living in the virtual world and they have no meaning with the family. At the same time, his nature is also irritable. If you take them away from the smartphone for a while, then they will get angry or start shouting.
  • Everything is known before the age. In the smartphone, you can download all kinds of apps, as well as watch whatever videos you want on YouTube and all kinds of content is available on the Internet. In such a situation, the things that children should know at an age start to be known to them at an early age which has an effect on their brain. Recently, a news came in Delhi that a five-year-old boy raped his old girl. It was also believed that the boy may have been inspired by watching some clips on mobile phones. They also become violent or go into depression. Many such incidents have also come to light that for some reason the child feels lonely and joins a social forum where he feels familiar, then he is taken advantage of wrongly. The Blue Whale Game is a powerful example of this, which the player himself has to embrace death. Apart from this, there are many games which are violent and by playing it continuously, the nature becomes violent.
    How to get rid of children’s smartphone addiction
  • Say that change does not start on its own, for this you should also change the habit of sticking to the smartphone throughout the day and spend time with family at home and not on the phone. Talk to the children at home about their studies and be engaged in some activity with the children as long as they are at home. With this, children will gradually get away from the smartphone and they will like to spend time with you. -Every child is interested in something or something, according to that you can get him to join dance class, sport class, music class, painting class or any other.
  • Encourage children to play outside and play with them themselves. This will also improve the physical development of children and you will also enjoy it.
  • We want to provide all kinds of facilities to children and do not make them work, this method is wrong. Children should contribute something in the daily chores of the house, this will make them realize their responsibilities and also know the importance of things.
    -If the children have to give the phone just because they are in touch with you, then instead of giving them a smartphone, give them a simple phone, it is likely to be misused

Mobile harmful for your child The statistics of the use of phones of young children are shocking. Only one and a half year old child is lost in mobile for 5 hours. Parents are proud of the child’s phone knowledge. But giving the phone to the child to cry or make some kind of stubbornness is the first step to make him a slave to this new addiction. Eye surgeon Dr. O.P. Agarwal and clinical psychologist Dr. Ripan Sippy know why it is important to take precautions …

10 Points: Why mobile is harmful your child and what parents do

  1. According to the data, the use of smartphones has been seen in children between 12 and 18 months of age. These move the screen closer to the eye and thereby damage the eyes.
  2. Eyes directly affected, children are having problems like early onset of glasses, eye irritation and dryness, fatigue.
  3. Eyelashes blink less while running a smartphone. This is called computer vision syndrome. Parents should note that the screen face is not more than half an hour.
  4. Children do not develop socially due to smartphone addiction at an early age. His personality does not develop due to not playing outside.
  5. Psychologists also come to such cases that children start to act like favorite cartoon characters. This hinders their brain development.
  6. Children use mobile to play most games. They tend to be emotionally weak, so violent games promote aggression in children.
  7. Children often eat food while playing games or watching cartoons on the phone. So they eat more or less food than needed. Doing this for a long time increases the risk of obesity.
  8. They hesitate to contact the outside world with the use of phones. When they try to change this habit, they become irritable, aggressive and frustrated.
  9. Parents have an opinion. If the mother has refused for mobile or anything else, then the father should also refuse. Otherwise, children know who can get permission.
  10. Do not tolerate children’s emotional drama. Be consistent in your answer or opinion. Say ‘No’ on one day and say ‘Yes’ on the other day. If you start crying then do not pay attention. Explain with love later.
  11. If there is something good and informative on the Internet, then set a time to show it and sit together and watch. You can use smart TV, it will also keep distance between eyes and screen.

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