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How to stop hiccups

How to stop hiccups. When Hiccup comes, he says that someone remembers With this thinking, the hiccup may not come to you so exasperating, but if suddenly the hiccup starts in everyone, then you will definitely not miss any way to stop it.

Know about easy steps to prevent hiccups that help you get instant relief.

Drink a glass of cold water How to stop hiccups

It is believed that if cold water is drunk immediately after a hiccup, it stops. Some people say that you should also close your nose while drinking water. While rotating the glass, drinking water from the other end is also better.

Garlic or onion,How to stop hiccups

Smelling a piece of garlic or onion will also give you relief. Apart from this, you can also smell carrot juice to prevent hiccups.

Hold your breath.

Take a long breath and hold it for a few seconds. According to experts, when the carbon dioxide deposited in the lungs will fill and the diaphragm removes it, the hiccups will stop automatically.

black paper and sugar candy

Grind black pepper and sugar candy together and get rid of the problem of hiccups. Apart from this, eating a little ice by crushing it also gives relief in hiccups.

Get away from the eyes of the people

If you want to stop hiccups, then hide somewhere. At this time, close your ears well with your fingers. You can also press your ear back part which resides just below the skull. This will give you peace in a while.


Rock salt, black salt and salt used in daily use, grind them all in equal quantity and then take half a teaspoon with warm water. Hiccups will stop.

Natural Remedies

Fill your breath completely by sitting or standing in one place and then take out all the breaths, now do not breathe in until you feel nervous. In this way, by exhaling the entire breath 12 -15 times, many days of oxygen is released in the lungs. It is also very easy to stop hiccups and it should be used to prevent hiccups.

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