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Best hair loss treatment

Best hair loss treatment. Nowadays hair loss problem has become common. Everyone, male or female, is worried about this. Also it would not be wrong to say that we are responsible for this problem ourselves. To save time in this very busy life, instead of natural resources, we use chemical-rich products, which have a negative effect on our hair. Due to hair loss we go bald.

Today, through this article, we will talk about home remedies for hair loss, using which will not only strengthen your hair, but will also return their natural shine. Believe it, these home remedies are very simple, but first of all, we know about the reasons for which our hair is weakening and breaking.

Hairstyling or incorrect maintenance of hair

Many times, people start losing their hair because of the wrong hairstyle. Some people tie the hair tightly with rubber bands. Making ponytail from top or making ponytail also causes hair breakage. Apart from this, hair loss can also start with the use of dye, bleach, straighteners or permanent wave solution. Depending on the amount of damage caused by these chemicals, hair loss becomes permanent.

Illness or surgery

Due to stress due to some disease or surgery, the process of hair growth may stop for some time. Hair loss can also occur due to thyroid disorder, syphilis, iron deficiency or infection.

Hair growth is bound to stop with aging.

Women are generally not completely ganji. Most of the hair falls more in front of the head and near the ears of women. At the same time, men have more hair loss near the forehead.

The medicines

Drugs are found in some medicines of arthritis, depression, heart problem and high BP, due to which the hair starts falling due to taking these drugs. Some women may also face the problem of hair fall by taking birth control medicines.


The first and foremost reason is stress. No one can deny that stress is the root of this problem. The person who is under stress, starts having various health problems. It has been clear in various research done till now that due to stress our hair starts weakening and breaking.


These days everyone is struggling with the problem of dandruff. If it is not taken seriously, it causes a thick layer to form on the head. This layer can be white, silver or red. This is called psoriasis ie skin disease and this is why hair starts falling apart.

Eating unbalanced food

Due to not being careful in eating, hair also starts to weaken and fall. This problem mostly occurs with people who like to eat junk food. Junk food does not contain any nutritional value, which is good for our health and hair. Apart from this, this problem is also faced by those who do not maintain a balance in food, that is, they do not eat according to the rules.

Hair loss treatment

Coconut milk

You can also make coconut milk at home. Either tighten or grind the coconut and mix it with milk.
Now apply coconut milk to the roots with a hair dye brush.
Now cover your head with a towel and leave it like this for about 20 minutes.
After 20 minutes remove the towel and wash your hair with cold water.
After washing with water, wash hair with shampoo.
(Read more – Tips to prevent hair breakage)
When to use coconut milk –
You must do this process once a week.
Benefits of coconut milk to prevent hair loss –

Coconut milk is rich in vitamin E and fat which gives moisture to your hair as well as keeps it healthy. Milk is rich in potassium and also contains other important components which are very beneficial for hair growth. Coconut milk is rich in protein, fat and minerals such as potassium. Thus, washing your hair with coconut milk can prevent hair loss. Similar nutrients are found in coconut oil, which makes your roots strong and there is no hair on either side. Massaging your hair regularly with this oil does not cause hair loss. You tighten the coconut and mix the tight coconut with milk and add some water to it. It has antibacterial properties that prevent hair fall.



two eggs
or else

An egg
A spoonful of olive oil
recipe :

Process number-1

Break both and put them in a bowl.
Separate the yolk from the egg.
Now mix the eggs until they thicken.
Apply this paste on your head and hair with the help of hair dye brush.
Cover the head with a shower cap.
After about 20 minutes wash the hair with cold water and then shampoo it.
Process number-2

Add the egg whites to the olive oil.
Mix it well until paste is applied and apply it on head and hair.
After about 15-20 minutes wash the hair with cold water and shampoo it later.
When to use:

Use at least twice a week.

This is how beneficial:

Egg contains protein, vitamin-B, biotin and essential nutrients, which are beneficial for hair.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera plant leaves (or stalks too).
Method –
Aloe Vera is a traditional way to increase hair
Remove the pulp from Aloe Vera’s pate or stalk and rub your hair with the pulp.
Massage your roots after applying the pulp.
Leave it for about 15 minutes, then wash the hair with cold water.
Try that your hair is washed before applying the pulp.
When to use Aloe Vera –
Repeat this process three times a week. Apply Aloe Vera pulp to your hair in the morning.
Benefits of Aloe Vera to prevent hair loss –
Aloe vera plays an important role in balancing the pH levels of roots and hair. It prevents hair loss by going deep inside the roots.


material :

4-5 gooseberry
A cup of coconut oil
recipe :

Boil the gooseberry in coconut oil until the oil turns black.
When the oil cools down, massage the head and hair with it.
After this, wash the head with shampoo after 20-30 minutes.
When to use:

It can be applied to the hair twice a week.

How does the benefit:

Amla has been considered a major source of vitamin-C. Vitamin-C not only gives good growth of hair, but also gives strength Vitamin-C also helps in the formation of collagen, which is necessary for the development of forces. In addition, it absorbs iron, which keeps hair healthy. Not only this, amla prevents hair from premature graying Regular use of amla regularly strengthens the hair follicles.

Coconut oil


One – two teaspoon coconut oil
recipe :

Heat the oil lightly and put it in a bowl.
Now apply this oil on the head, lightly massage the head and hair roots.
After the massage, you can either wash the head after half an hour or you can apply it at night and shampoo the next morning.
When to use:

This can lead to one or two hair massages a week.

Is beneficial for hair:

Coconut oil has antioxidant properties, which give strength to the hair and gives natural beauty.

Neem leaves

10 – 12 dried neem leaves.
And a water pot.
Method –
First take a pan or pot, add 3 cups of water to it. Now put 10-12 dried neem leaves in water.
Allow neem leaves to boil in water. Until the water level is halved.
After the water level is reduced to half, set the pot aside to cool the mixture.
Now wash your hair with this mixture.
When to use Neem leaves –

Use this tool every time after washing your hair. Do use it once a week. Benefits of Neem leaves to prevent hair loss –
Neem has excellent antibacterial properties that eliminate dandruff in your hair. It keeps your roots healthy and increases hair growth. It also stimulates the blood flow to the skin, nourishing the roots of the hair. Neem is beneficial in eliminating lice and wrinkles as well as helps in preventing hair fall. (Read more – Benefits of Neem)
Caution –

The use of neem for hair (especially in the case of dandruff) can burn your eyes. So be careful while washing with neem water and try that these water does not reach your eyes.

fenugreek seeds benefits for hair loss

First material
2 tablespoons fenugreek seeds
4 teaspoons curd.
1 egg.
Method –
Soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds overnight.
In the morning, remove the seeds and prepare their paste.
Grind the fenugreek seeds in the mixture and add some water so that the paste will not become solid.
Now mix one egg and four teaspoons of curd to the mixture of fenugreek seeds.
Apply this mixture to your hair and roots.
Leave this mixture on the hair for half an hour.
After half an hour wash the hair with water.

Other material –
1 cup fenugreek seeds (Read more – Benefits of Fenugreek)
Method –
Soak fenugreek seeds overnight.
Remove and mix seeds in the morning. Try not to make your paste thick.
Now apply this mixture to the roots and ends of the hair.

Now cover your hair with a towel.
Leave it like this for about 40 minutes.
Then wash your hair with cold water.
Third Content –
2 tablespoons fenugreek seeds
1/2 cup coconut oil
Method –
Take coconut oil in a pan, now fry the fenugreek seeds.
After the fenugreek turns brown, keep the pan aside to cool.
Sieve the mixture after it cools.
Now apply this mixture to the roots and massage gently.
Leave the mixture on for one hour.
Wash hair after one hour.
When to use fenugreek seeds –
You apply this mixture once or twice a month.
Benefits of fenugreek seeds to prevent hair fall –
Fenugreek seeds increase hair growth and help rebuild hair follicles. Fenugreek seeds make hair shiny, strong and long. This reduces the problem of hair loss treatment.

Onion juice

material :

An onion
A cotton ball
or else

An onion
Two teaspoons honey
A little rose water
recipe :

Process number-1

Grind the onion and extract the juice from it.
Now by immersing cotton in it, apply the juice from the roots of the hair to the top end.
After half an hour wash the hair with cold water and shampoo it later.
Process number-2

Squeeze the onion and take out the juice.
Mix two spoons of honey in it.
To remove the onion smell, rose water can be added to it.
Apply this mixture to your hair and wash it with water after 40-45 minutes.
When to use:

You can apply this mixture on your hair once a week.

How is it beneficial?

The onion is found to have anti-bacterial properties, which helps eliminate bacteria that spread infection on the scalp . In addition, high amounts of sulfur are found in the onion, which helps the hair grow, by improving blood flow to the hair follicles.

Note: While applying the onion juice to the hair, keep in mind that if this juice has gone into the eyes, you may feel irritated. Therefore, be careful while applying the juice to the hair and later washing your head.

Green tea for hair loss treatment

material :

Two Tea Bags (Green Tea)
Two to three cups of hot water
recipe :

Put both tea bags in hot water and wait for the water to cool down.
With the tea bags out, wash the hair with water.
Also massage your head.
When to use:

Whenever you shampoo, you can later use it as a conditioner.

How will benefit:

Green tea stimulates the hair follicles, prompting them to grow hair. Apart from this, it also increases metabolism, which helps in nourishing the hair.

Beetroot leaves good for hair loss

material –
Some beet leaves. (Read more – advantages and disadvantages of beetroot)
1 teaspoon Henna.
Method –
Take water in a pan and put beetroot leaves in it and keep boiling the water till it reduces to half.
Now after removing the beet leaves from the water, put it in the mixer and mix 1 teaspoon henna in it.
After preparing the paste, apply this mixture to the roots.
Leave it like this for about 20 minutes and then wash your hair with water.
When to use beet leaves –
Apply this mixture three times a week.
The benefits of beet leaves to prevent hair loss –
Beetroot contains potassium, protein, vitamins B and C. All these elements are very important for healthy hair and beneficial in preventing hair loss.

Muleti is very useful for hair loss

muleti is useful for hair loss treatment material :

A spoonful of liquorice powder
A cup of milk
A spoon of saffron
recipe :

Mix the liquorice powder and saffron in milk and mix it.
Before going to bed at night, apply this mixture on the head from where the hair has gone.
The next morning, wash the head thoroughly.
When to use:

Apply it on the head twice a week.

This is how beneficial:

There are such beneficial ingredients in liquorice, which completely removes itching and dandruff from the head. Also help hair grow

Amla for hair loss treatment

First material –
Take 4-5 gooseberries. (Read more – Properties of Amla)
1 cup coconut oil
Method –
Put coconut oil in a pot. Now add 4-5 amla to it. And keep them to boil.
Allow the oil to boil until it turns black.
After the oil turns black, then keep the vessel aside to cool.

After cooling down, massage your roots with that oil.
Leave it for about 20 minutes and then wash the hair with shampoo as usual.
Other material –
Take 4-5 gooseberries.
Lemon juice
Method –
First of all, crush 4-5 gooseberries to extract Amla juice.
Now add 2 teaspoons of gooseberry juice or gooseberry powder in equal quantity in fresh lemon juice.

Now apply this mixture to the roots and after applying wait for this mixture to dry.
After drying, wash your hair with lukewarm water.
Third Content –
Take 4-5 gooseberries.
coconut oil.
Method –
Add equal amount of coconut oil and 4-5 amla.
Now add a few drops of lemon juice to it.
Once a week apply this mixture to the roots.
Now wash this mixture with water.
When to use Amla –
Do these three procedures twice a week.
Benefits of Amla to prevent hair fall –
Amla is rich in Vitamin C. This nutrient helps in enhancing hair as well as brings shine to the hair.

Vitamin C helps in absorbing iron so that the roots of your hair remain strong and healthy. Amla prevents premature white hair growth. Eating Indian gooseberry regularly makes your hair glow as well as helps to prevent hair fall.

henna useful for hair loss treatment

material :

A cup of henna powder
Half cup curd
recipe :

Put both ingredients in a vessel and mix.
Now leave this mixture on your hair.
When the hair is dry, wash and shampoo it with water.
When to use:

You can apply it on your hair once a month.

How is beneficial:

This is a completely natural hair color and conditioner. Its use makes hair beautiful, healthy and strong. It has been used as an Ayurvedic medicine for years in Indian history. If used in combination with other products, the hair

Hibiscus powder

material for hair loss treatment

10 Chinese Hibiscus Flowers
2 cups pure coconut oil
recipe :

Process number-1

Warm the Chinese hibiscus flower by mixing it with coconut oil.
When the flowers burn well, separate the oil.
Apply this oil on the head and hair every night and wash it the next morning.
Process number-2

Mash the Chinese hibiscus flower well and make a paste by mixing it with coconut oil.
Now apply this paste on head and hair and wash it after few hours.
When to use:

You should use this home remedy as a hair loss medicine two or three times a week for a month.

How is beneficial:

The Chinese hibiscus flower contains nutrients such as vitamin C, phosphorus and riboflavin, which are essential for soft and long hair. It is also capable of destroying floral fossils, which helps hair grow


material :

A bowl of yogurt
Some fenugreek seeds
recipe :

Grind the fenugreek seeds in a grinder.
Now mix this powder in curd and mix it.
Apply this mixture on the head and hair and gently massage the scalp with hands.
After about 15 to 20 minutes wash your hair with lukewarm water, shampoo it.
When to use:

It can be applied to the head once or twice a week.

This is how beneficial:

Yogurt is considered the best natural conditioner. By applying it, the hair not only becomes soft, but it also gives a natural glow. In addition, protein is found in yogurt, making the hair stronger, longer and thicker than the roots. Yogurt is rich in vitamin D and B5, which are necessary for healthy hair.


material :

a potato
A spoon check
A spoonful of water
recipe :

hair loss treatment. After washing the potato, peel it off.
Cut it into small pieces and grind it in a grinder to make a thick paste. You can also add a little water to make a paste.
After this, squeeze the paste into a muslin cloth.
Add the honey and water to the juice that will come out by squeezing.
Now apply this mixture on your head and hair.
After about 30 minutes wash the hair with shampoo.
When to use:

Apply it on the hair once a week.

This is why it is beneficial hair loss treatment

Potatoes, potassium, vitamin C and iron are found in potatoes. For hair care, all these elements are necessary. Particularly due to lack of potassium, hair starts falling apart.

Shikakai amla neem and aloe vera reduce hair fall

  material –
  Aloe Vera.
  Amla powder
  Shikakai Powder.
  Neem Powder.
  Method –
  Mix equal quantity of aloe vera pulp, amla powder, shikakai powder, neem powder.
  Add a little water to the mixture and make a paste.
  Now apply this mixture to the roots and the whole hair.
  Apply this mixture twice a week.
  Now wash the hair with lukewarm water.
  When to use Shikakai, Amla, Neem and Honey –
  To get good results, apply it twice a month.
  Benefits of Shikakai, Amla, Neem and Honey to prevent hair fall
  Applying the mixture will keep the roots strong.
  Burning and itching will be relieved.
  Your hair will get deep nutrition.
  Hair will remain strong from root to ends.
  Will get rid of that.
  Hair loss will stop.
  Apart from these measures given above, also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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