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Ayurveda for food, remember to never get sick

If you keep these rules of Ayurveda for food, remember to never get sickHealth tips

  Often due to the fatigue of the day, we often eat whatever we eat at night. We take care that breakfast is healthy, but not so much for dinner. Ayurveda believes that certain rules should be kept in mind regarding night food. Those following these rules will never fall ill. According to Ayurveda, there are three main elements or nature of the body. Which includes talk, bile and phlegm. When the balance of these elements in the body deteriorates, the person becomes ill.

  1. Use sugar or honey in place of sugar in food. Insist on consuming oatmeal instead of mold.

  2. Take a small piece of ginger, fry it on a griddle and after it cools down, place it on the Indus salt. Eat this ginger for 5 minutes before eating. It helps in hunger and improves digestion.

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  3. Junk food also contains sodium, transfer, and sugar, which should be avoided. Soft drinks available in the market should also be avoided.

  4. Food should always be prepared and eaten fresh. This helps in digestion.

  5. It is said in Ayurveda that a person should eat half a meal instead of hunger.

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