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Acidity symptoms and treatment

Acidity symptoms and treatment . Many times we also eat vomiting medicine for relief, which can damage health further. Yes, there are also ways that you can get rid of acidity without any medicine. For this, all you have to do is make a slight change in your food and drink. Yes, there are many diets that you can avoid by taking acidity. A look at theseAcidity

acidity symptoms

Starved stomach acidity. Sometimes we are unable to eat food in the course of work, due to which we may be at risk of acidity.

Who doesn’t like food But the problem comes at a time when this desire to eat turns into problems like constipation, gas, chaos. These are the troubles that seem too small to hear, but when faced with them, the sweat of the good is left. Due to wrong food and drink, these troubles related to the stomach (Eating Habits For Acidity) increase. Some people are very fond of food, but move towards eating and pull their hands back … even if with impunity. Because they feel chaotic or acidic by eating.Acidity

acidity treatment

  1. )Thyme

The remedy of parsley is very effective after acidity. Boil two spoons of parsley in a cup of water. Turn off the gas when the water becomes half. Sieve and drink after cooling. If you do not like the taste, you can also add a pinch of salt to it.

Fennel contains a compound that relieves stomach by curing acidity. It also helps in digestion. It is very beneficial for pregnant and breast feeding women.


You can use ginger to avoid hyper acidity. Taking out ginger juice and mixing it with both cheddar and lemon, and taking it, it reduces acidity. But if you have acidity due to eating meat, then do not use this thing.

4) Radish provides instant relief

Radish is one thing that gets rid of acidity immediately. If you are having acidity then eat black salt and black pepper in radish, you will be relaxed in no time. If you wish, you can also eat Triphala powder by adding radish.

5) Gooseberry
If you often complain of acidity then eating Amla will be very beneficial for you. If you want, you can make Amla Candy at home too. By the way, it is also easily found in the market.

6) cold milk acidity treatment
Milk contains calcium which helps in balancing the pH. In such a situation, cold milk can give you immediate relief from burning sensation in the stomach. The calcium in milk also prevents the formation of acid. However, keep in mind that cold milk is more beneficial than hot milk and do not add any additives such as sugar, taulette powder.

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