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5 good habits to stay healthy and fit

5 good habits to stay healthy

  • After coming home from outside, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, before cooking, before eating, after eating and after using the bathroom. If you have a small child in your house then it becomes even more important. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before applying it.
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2) Fast once in two weeks
There is something called ‘Mandal’ attached to the natural cycle of the body. Mandal means that every 42 to 48 days the body goes through a particular cycle. There are three days in every cycle in which your body does not need food. If you become aware of your body, then you yourself will also realize that in these days the body does not need food. On any one of these days you can live comfortably without food.

In 12 to 15 days, a day also comes when you will not feel like eating anything. You should not eat that day. You would be surprised to know that dogs and cats also have so much awareness inside. Never look closely, on a particular day they do not eat anything. Actually, they are fully aware of their system. The day the system says there is no food today,

3) Migraine
If the head hurts a lot, drinking basil and a pinch of turmeric in milk gives relief. Headache If someone starts having headache every few days, then he should drink basil and milk every morning. This will give that person comfort and soon the disease like migraine is also removed.

4) Eat comfortably. According to research, people who eat food quickly become obese. So eat food comfortably.

5) Stay away from trans fat- While on one hand you should control the fat going in your body, it is very important to understand what kind of fat you are eating. Deep fry is trans fat in things made from hydrogenated oil. Due to which the risk of heart related diseases increases. Eat healthy fat like olive oil and omega-3.

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