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10 ways to avoid depression

10 ways to avoid depression. In today’s mechanical life, we do not have the time to wait for two minutes to think about ourselves. But where is this busyness taking us? Depression means depression. The WHO report on World Health Day confirms this, according to which the incidence of depression has increased by 18% in the last decade. The most shocking thing in that report was that 25% of Indian teenagers were said to be victims of depression. Instead of going over those figures, let us talk about the symptoms of depression and some ways of dealing with this mental illness.

If you suddenly feel as if the world is dying for you, then you are not alone in thinking that – depression is a very serious and common disease, affecting about 10% of the world’s population! Is a very serious disease. If left untreated, it can cause severe side effects in every aspect of your life. Do not let this happen. Fight your depression, follow the steps given here.Depression

(symptoms of depression)

1)Feeling lonely and feeling lonely is a symptom of depression.

2) Loss or loss of confidence.

3) Always feeling sad and depressed, having a negative attitude is a sign of depression.

4) Emotionally weak and like crying for no reason.

5) Always being energyless, feeling tired, feeling sad is a sign of depression.

6) Not being able to decide for anything, not being able to concentrate, always being in a state of confusion.

7) To become irritable. To get angry at talk.

8) Insomnia (difficulty sleeping) or hypersomnia (excessive sleep)

Negative thoughts such as suicide come to mind is a serious symptom of depression.Depression

1) Understand the difference between sadness and depression:

Of course, there can be many reasons for a person to be depressed: such as losing a job, losing a loved one, a bad relationship, a tragic event, or something else. Stress of. We all face sadness in one way or the other. Sometimes being depressed is a common thing. Focus is the biggest difference between depression and depression
When you are depressed, your feelings come out due to a particular event or a particular situation. Once that event changes or that time passes, your sadness also goes away.
On the other hand, depression affects your thoughts, feelings, understanding and behavior. You don’t just feel sad about one thing, you feel sad about everything. And no matter how much you try, this feeling does not leave you. In fact, you never feel depression and you don’t even know the reason for this feeling.
Depression can also come in the form of some of the same dry feelings or lack of enthusiasm for anything.

2) Talk, ask for help

For people undergoing depression, talking regularly to someone they trust or in contact with loved ones can be a panacea. You openly share your problems with them and ask for their help to fight the circumstances. There is nothing like shame in this. Who will help if our closest people do not drive us out of bad times?

3) Spend time with family and friends –

During extreme stress, no one likes to meet or talk. But believe it, this method can save you from going into depression. Whenever you feel that you are suffering from mental stress or depression, spend time and talk with your family or special friends.

4) Take regular holidays

Changing the scene is helpful in keeping negative thoughts away. One day’s ture is enough to bring positivity in you. If you feel depressed from then on, pack your bag and go on vacation. People who go on regular leave quickly get out of the monotony and boredom of life rather than those who work for several consecutive weeks.

5) Make them realize how special they are

He is already struggling with many difficulties. He is unable to give any kind of cries of needless cries and fluctuations in mood. A feeling of constant helplessness. In the extreme state of my enlightenment, I had started blaming myself for everything that was not my fault. I concluded that I am a burden on people (no matter how close they are). I will be better off because of me.

There is no doubt that two people cannot be alike, nor can diseases of two people. But there is one thing in common that they need your undying love. If they say that they are unsuccessful, then you say, “Gaura Gaya / Gaya? See how much you have done.” (Here you can make a list of his admirable works according to you.) When he realizes that no one loves him, then hold his arms and say, “You are not like this. I love you.

6) Sleep

Generally, an adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep but, in depression, a person is unable to take advantage of his sleep, sleep opens very early in the morning or he becomes a victim of insomnia. Even after sleeping, he feels tired and laziness. Some patients have also been found to have excessive sleep, but in that too the person wakes up tired, unable to feel fresh. He always experiences fatigue and restlessness.

7) Do what makes you happy:

Sometimes it has been seen that if people do not get work, then they are ready to do any work, even if there is no interest in that work. In such a situation you can go into more depression. Work should be done in which you have interest and whatever work you like to do.

Friends, how did you get out of depression – how to overcome loneliness, read how, if you like our article, then share more and more people so that they too can live a good life like others.

8) Do not take tension from the future

“What will happen tomorrow” promotes troubles, so always live in today because the present is reality and keep trying to improve it. By doing this, your future will be fixed automatically. Our every day and every moment teaches us some new things and teaches us to fight with troubles and difficulties.

9) Listen to light music

When people are depressed, they like listening to good music. This fact has been proved by many scientific researches. So whenever you are mentally disturbed, listen to your favorite song. Music has the amazing power to change the mood, to get the mind out of depression. By the way, take care of one thing, do not listen to songs which are immersed in sorrow, because by doing this your depression will reach the next level.

10) Electroconvulsive therapy

Electroconvulsive therapy is an electric shock therapy. This therapy is used as the last option when other treatment methods fail. It is commonly used to treat persons suffering from major depressive disorder.
In this process a limited amount of electric shock is given to the brain but it is not painful.
Because it involves anesthesia before giving shock to the person.
Electroconvulsive therapy is considered to be safe to a great extent but there are some side effects which are permanent ie temporary.
For example, a person may be in temporary confusion or may have memory loss.
Memory loss is the primary effect of this therapy. Memory loss can also be temporary or permanent.

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